Tuesday, 17 April 2007

World's first carbon neutral soccer team!

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A Boulder, Colorado soccer team isn't just taken steps to improve their game, they're also trying to help the environment. Boulder Rapids Reserve, part of the Premiere Development League, recently declared themselves the "world's first carbon neutral soccer team." Corporate sponsor Ben Bressler of the eco-tourism company Natural Habitat Adventures helped the team set off their newly "green" 2007 season with a carbon neutral tailgate party and incentives to fans who make it to the game on foot or bicycle. (Of course hoofing it to the events will also improve the health of their fans, so it's a win-win situation for everyone.)

Last year, the FIFA World Cup Finals in Berlin made history when it became the largest carbon neutral event in history by establishing green energy programs in India to offset the estimated 100,000 metric tons of gasses the event would create.

What an awesome trend, I say...athletes encouraging their fans to get fit and help the environment at the same time. Anyone know of other sports teams with similar goals?

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