Tuesday, 10 April 2007

We love to gawk at fit celebs: Mr. & Mrs. McDreamy

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Looky here: Patrick Dempsey and wife Jill got all geared up and biked about together.

Whether they are the kind of couple who prefers cycling over move-and-sushi date night out or this is on the happy end of tandem work outs, it is nice to see two folks smiling while they sweat.

Considering the McDreamys just added twins Darby and Sullivan (joining sis Talula) to the family, this pedal pushing scene is like the perfect post-partum poster for taking time for yourself, carving out bits of time with your partner and feeling good in a post-delivery body. Plus, it is nice for Jill that she'll be able to add these pics to the baby book rather than the (*cringe*) a stack of photos of mama on the couch in squeezy yoga pants that some of us (ugh) have diligently hidden away.

Go Dempseys Go!

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