Thursday, 12 April 2007

The top 100 hiking trails in North America

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When the winter weather broke last month, we started hiking again on the weekends. I plotted out hiking destinations on the calender, and by summer we'll have covered every known trail in our area. I'm not opposed to revisiting favorites, but I'd love to explore some new terrain this summer. Determined to find new-to-us hikes, I started with Google and came across this list of the the top 100 hiking trails in North America, put out by

Though it didn't uncover anything new for us in our area, it did give me a heads up on an excellent trail running right through the town we plan to vacation in this summer, as well as few others within in an hour's drive or so from our home. Not only that, it sparked some vacation ideas for next summer! Trails range in location from Pennsylvania to Florida to Oregon and to California, so you should be able to find something relatively close to you.

Here are some more links for finding great hikes, including Local Hikes, One Day Hikes, and for those of you who like the idea of extreme hiking, Day Hiker. Just remember, though, that a great hike doesn't have to show up on a list or even be Google-able. Some of our favorite local destinations aren't even on the 'net, yet we return to them again and again.

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