Tuesday, 10 April 2007

Six natural ways to fight acne

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Let's face it: sometimes stress can manifest itself in embarrassing ways, like acne. Treatment options for acne can span from controversial drugs to ancient wives' tales. But here is an interesting take on six natural methods for battling that sensitive subject.

Leading the crusade against dirty pores is garlic. Whether you eat it raw or take pills, garlic can kill bacteria under the skin which causes acne. Just remember to brush your teeth. Another method that may throw us for a loop is Kombucha tea. Never heard of it? Welcome to the club. After giving it some research, this elixir seems to be the hidden fountain of youth! All that aside, this ancient beverage is believed to promote healthy skin (among a slew of other things).

A couple of other treatments include eating foods with oxalic acid (almonds, beets, cashews) and keeping your body clean from toxins. To accomplish the latter, try upping your fiber intake or grab some yogurt which contains beneficial intestinal flora. Read on to learn more on these natural remedies for acne.

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