Thursday, 12 April 2007

Regulation of vitamins and supplements coming?

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Does the U.S. really need regulation of vitamins, supplements and most other things considered healthy supplements (like raw vegetable juice)? From looking at a "final solution" proposal by the FDA, one could certainly start seeing things this way. Just search for CODEX on Google and read about what it is.

While I am no fan pf pharmaceutical drugs unless used in times of emergency or for conditions not brought on by lifestyle, they do have a place (a bigger one than I would like).

But natural living (as close as possible) with foods that actually are nutritious for your body is also a great way to stave off the need for many, many medications (my 2 cents). The overabundance of junk food and processed foods with chemicals is not a preferable lifestyle for many of us. If the FDA gets its way, will consumer choice be severely limited? I'm thinking yes.

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