Wednesday, 4 April 2007

Red meat raises risk of breast cancer

A recent study suggests that red meat dramatically increases older women's risk of breast cancer.

According to the University of Leeds, post-menopausal women are 56% more likely to contract breast cancer even if they eat only one serving of red meat per day (as compared to women who ate no red meat). The risk jumps to 64% for those who eat processed meat like bacon and sausages.

And it's not just older women. Pre-menopausal women who ate lots of red meat also showed an increased risk of breast cancer (though the numbers weren't nearly as high). In fact, researchers found a link between cancer risk and high meat consumption across every age bracket.

On the other hand, younger women who ate the most fiber were able to reduce their risk of breast cancer by half.

Given the results of this study, and considering scientists estimate that "approximately 30% of all cancers in Western countries are linked to diet," maybe it's time to pay closer to attention to what you eat.

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