Tuesday, 10 April 2007

A quick checklist for ADHD

Although I am no fan of psychiatric drugs that are used to treat ADHD, the fact is that they are sometimes required for children and adults to function to the norms of society. Using alternative methods of treatment (usually, radical nutrition changes and jettisoning poisonous foods and drinks) sometimes is not enough.

How do you know if your child (or yourself) even has ADHD? There are many medical opinions that believe ADHD is genetic more than environment. A quick checklist would include these observations:

  • Are you distracted by irrelevant sights or sounds?
  • Do you find yourself missing details or making careless mistakes?
  • Do you have difficulty following instructions?
  • Do you find yourself losing and forgetting things?
  • "Can't sit still" - The adult version of what you'd consider "hyperactivity" in a child.
  • Impulsive behavior - Especially as a consistent part of your everyday actions.
  • Do you take action before you think about the consequences?
  • In conversation, do you interrupt others, or blurt out inappropriate comments?
  • Do you experience difficulty waiting in line or for your turn?

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