Tuesday, 10 April 2007

Non-drinkers smell like alcohol on certain diets

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A Virgin Airlines pilot was recently suspended from duty, and interrogated by police after an airport worker told officials the pilot smelled of alcohol. Now, even though his breath initially tested positive for booze, he's been re-instated.

"Virgin Atlantic can confirm that the pilot who was questioned by police on 31st March ...will not be charged with any offense," the airline said earlier today.

So what gives?

Apparently, the pilot's diet made him smell like he'd been drinking, even though he hadn't. In his case, the culprit was his low-carb diet, but you apparently you can also test positive for alcohol if you're suffering from heartburn or acid reflux (as they both cause alcohol and to travel from the stomach back to the throat and mouth).

As this pilot almost discovered, appearing intoxicated when you're not can carry serious consequences. Especially given the popularity of Atkins and other low-carb diets -- it's a side-effect you should be aware of.

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