Sunday, 1 April 2007

No pain, no gain: The '300' workout

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The movie 300 is full of beautiful bodies -- the star, Gerard Butler's, in particular. A physique like that doesn't come easy, and what's quickly becoming famous as "The 300 Workout" is not something just anybody can, or should, try. The routine was designed by Mark Twight and includes everything from push-ups and pull-ups to dead lifts and box jumps -- reading through how the actors were trained it sounds more like a lesson in boot-camp torture than a typical day at the gym.

The actual 12 week training system Mark Twight put Gerard Butler and the other actors through in order to get in "Spartan shape" may not be something for the average Joe (or Jane) to jump right into, but if you're motivated enough to do the necessary preparations (like talking to your doctor!) then you can get there eventually. And with all the press the movie and this new workout is getting, look for some modified -- and more realistic -- versions to be hitting a gym near you.

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