Tuesday, 17 April 2007

"Night owls" are more depressed

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According to the latest research "night owls," even though they may get more/enough sleep, are at higher risk for developing depression than others. I won't say I was completely surprised by this news, but it wasn't exactly what I expected to hear either. I'm think I'm a "night owl," meaning I seem to naturally lean towards staying up later and sleeping in later versus hitting the sack early and getting up with the sun. So apparently I'm at higher risk for depression? Interesting.

Reading the article is does seem to make sense, not because I feel depressed or anything, but regarding the body's rhythms and that the most natural "cycle" is to be awake in the light and sleepy or sleeping in the dark. Of course just because you're a night owl doesn't mean you're automatically going to be depressed, but it is something to be aware of if this is true.

I wonder if you slowly start changing your habits, does your risk decrease?

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