Monday, 2 April 2007

Mixing meds: Even supplements and OTC remedies can be dangerous

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With all the new medications being developed practically on a daily basis, and new health benefits being found for "old" supplements and herbs, it's no wonder that people are ending up with more and more substances floating around in their bodies all together at the same time. Doctors and scientists are noticing more and more life-threatening side-effects being created by people mixing medications. Not necessarily just prescriptions meds, either, but also seemingly harmless supplements and OTC drugs.

A good rule of thumb is to remind yourself that if you expect it to do something good for you then it has the potential to do something bad also, if not taken properly. Just because something is "all natural" or doesn't require a prescription doesn't mean you can take it willy-nilly in whatever doses and mixed with whatever else you're taking. Read labels and ask your doctor if you have any questions. It's great to be involved in your own health, just take care not to hurt yourself and get sicker in the process.

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