Monday, 9 April 2007

Make your workout a good fit...for you!

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You could make a line of women a mile long, all of whom were the same weight, and you'd likely have as many different body shapes as you did women. Weight is only one part of the equation when it comes to being healthy and fit, and we all have our trouble zones. That means that one workout does not always fit all.

This article outlines four different workouts for four very different women. Workout tips, strength training exercises, and a diet makeover are all part of revamping these women's routines to give them the body they want. (By the way, I would love someone to do that for me...what a treat.) For instance, one woman with low energy was eating far too many simple carbs and junk food, while another who was trying to lose fat needed to add more calcium to her diet.

Whether you fit the profile of one of these women or not, there are some great tips here, including exercise examples and nutrition ideas. Check it out!

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