Tuesday, 3 April 2007

Living a healthy lifestyle -- suggestions

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After reviewing this blogger's take on living a healthy lifestyle, many of the points made make great sense. The modern lifestyle of the western culture is the start of the formula for so much sedentary lifestyle choices and, in turn, the prevalence of obesity.

I often ask friends over dinner this question and wait for the discussion to start: "do you think that people in general are better off today -- health-wise -- than they were in the 1850s?" The answers to that question have ranged all over the map, but they seem to coincide with the suggestions from this blog entry -- much of which I agree with.

Some points to live a healthy lifestyle would include:
  • Try to cook more often and more creatively.
  • Walk. It's not hard. I
  • Have fun how you used to.
  • Be old fashioned. Don't always take the technologically assisted easy way out.

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