Monday, 9 April 2007

InsideOutside wear: your own personal sixth sense

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Would you like to be alerted the next time your ex enters the gym where you're working out? Or be alerted when you're running through a neighborhood full of unleashed dogs just waiting to chase you? InsideOutside wear can't do that just yet, but they're on the right track.

The idea of this highly sophisticated and sensor-filled clothing is that users can pre-program it to tell them when they're getting near situations that make them uncomfortable. Right now, the website uses a combination of Google maps and GPS coordinates for users to highlight locations they don't like. When you come within range of your chosen targets, the clothing heats up or cools down to send you a warning.

InsideOutside hasn't gone retail yet, but the possibilities really are endless...for high-tech enthusiasts, anyway. I'm not sure that the practical applications of sensor-laden clothing would translate for the rest of us, or would it? What do you think?

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