Tuesday, 10 April 2007

Hunting for a scrumptious energy bar?

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When I was training for a 3-day charity walk several years ago, I started snacking on energy bars for the first time. I relied on energy bars as I built up to twenty-mile walks and I was delighted to sample the many kinds in the health food aisle of my grocery store.

I found some that I loved and I found some that were packed full of sugar and I found some that tasted like I imagined the bottom of my shoe did after six or seven miles. Today, when I buy bars to stash in the glove box or fuel up for a weekend hike, I'm even more perplexed about which ones will hold up to my nutrition and taste standards. This $3 billion booming business means that more and more energy bars are hitting the shelves. So how can you find the kind that are not only healthy but also actually taste great?

First, focus on health. Dietitians advise opting for energy bars that have 200 calories and contain three or more grams of fiber and at least five grams of protein.

Next, dig into deliciousness. In a taste test of 100 varieties in four categories, these fared best:

Chewy: Gnu Foods & Flavor Cinnamon Raisin
Chocolatey: LäraBar Jocolat Chocolate
Crunchy: PowerBar Nut Naturals Fruit & Buts
Fruity: LäraBar Cherry Pie

If these bars and their runners up don't whet your whistle, this article also has some smart suggestions in your search for tasty energy bars.

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