Thursday, 12 April 2007

Go hands free with iWalk

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So you've started walking to stay fit. You like the exercise, you enjoy being outside, but after a few weeks, it gets boring. To remedy this problem, you buy yourself a hip little iPod nano for some musical accompaniment. At first, this seems great, but before you know it you're tired of carrying around that little piece of plastic all the time, and wish that someone would invent a way for you to have hands-free access to tunes while you workout.

Well, my friend, the wait is almost over. The iWalk will be here in less than a couple weeks, and -- while it's a little conspicuous -- it looks like a nice way to keep your hands free for weights, or just to wave pleasantly at passersby.

For joggers this is even more useful. I've been using an armband to carry my nano while running, but A) the chord is annoying, and gets tangled in my hands; B) it's hard to work the clickwheel through the armband fabric; and C) the headphones are always falling out of my ears, which really defeats the purpose. While I'd be slightly embarrassed to wear this while huffing and puffing around my neighborhood, it might make life considerably easier.

[via Popgadget]

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