Tuesday, 10 April 2007

Getting fit with the right attitude to guide you

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Are you in the throes of a workout program or have recently "given up" on one? The biggest obstacle in a fitness program (at least initially) is the wherewithal to continue with it over time with all the other daily roadblocks that can get in the way.

How about some tips fromJohn McDermott with www.getfit121.com.au? Here are some pointers that sound easy, but are really required if you want to step up to that plate.
  • Set yourself a goal (write it down and place it somewhere visible to see daily).
  • Visualize yourself attaining that goal (spend about 5 minutes a day with your eyes closed and 'see' yourself having attained that goal).
  • Write out a plan (How are you going to achieve your goal? Set yourself a program).
  • Stay with your program (Getting fit is not something that will come overnight. It takes time and an effort however, your goal WILL be reached PROVIDED you stay focussed on attaining your goal - 'Your goal is tomorrow, today you have to cover the distance in order to reach your goal').

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