Thursday, 12 April 2007

A frozen pasta guide for the busy eater

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I'm a busy person, so when I walk past the freezer aisle at the grocery store and see a bunch of cheesy, delectable, delicious-looking frozen lasagnas, I'm tempted to forgo the hassle of making one at home for the store-bough one. Sometimes they're not bad, but other times they come out a hard as hockey pucks. And it never looks like the picture on the box. Let's face it -- any type of pasta is better freshly made, otherwise the noodles are often hard, soggy or rubbery.

But I'm sure there must be some good ones out there for the busy eater. eDiets has rated the best and worse in frozen lasagnas, and they've added the nutritional information too so you can make a healthy choice. Give it a gander -- it's pretty eye-opening. Are there any that thy missed? What's your favourite or least favourite frozen entree?

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