Thursday, 12 April 2007

FitBeauty: Gift Guide for your very own Fit Beauty

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With Mother's Day just around the bend, triathlon finishes to cheer and the inevitable slew of showers and graduations already on your calendar, it is time to think about finding a great gift the healthy-minded, fitness-committed, fabulous women in your life. Since online shopping is overwhelming and the mall experience is overwhelmed by the smell of Cinnabons, I've done the legwork for you.

Find the perfect present for your favorite fit beauty right here in the The FitBeauty Springy-Summery Gift Guide.

For she who makes a fashionable entrance, even into the locker room - This invigorating Spring Green Shoulder Bag will liven up her locker room look, is handmade by a crafty woman and available on one of my favorite sites, The roomy Aspen Messenger has exterior and interior pockets perfect for organizing locks, gym cards and Luna Bars and is sized generously enough to easily transition from work to workout. This Sling Purse and Snap Pouch Set will stylishly hold sweats separate from make-up and other girly things. Consider giving her an unnecessary but fun accessory like an embroidered hot bottle holder for soothing bootcamp-achey muscles, a monogrammed towel wrap and flip set for post-Pilates showering, or perhaps a fuzzy or frivolous water bottle cozy.

For the rocker grrrl on the elliptical - There's always the skull-inspired tank option or torn tee for rocker mamas-to-be. Depending on what's on her shuffle, some carefully-selected shoelaces might give her a laugh as she steps it up. If her iPod's collecting more dust than hair band hits, subscribe her to an MP3 loading service to get all that head-banging music she loves on there already.

For the sassy cycler - The days of big-booty biking shorts are over! This fiery tank and skirt set is perfect for your favorite cycler. And although it comes with all the amenities - built-in mesh bra, back pocket, leg grippers, all in a soft chamois fabric - the bicycle built for two's not included. Pair up this outfit with sassy workout socks that make a statement. This hydration and gel belt takes the sting out of wearing a (gulp) fanny pack and this funky chain frame will help her show off her proudest pedaling moments.

For the recipe-renovating baker - Remind her to make her favorite recipes with simple but effective multi-strand cookbook markers and a flippy little retro apron. These heart-shaped measuring spoons and matching measuring cups will keep track of how much love, hugs, spice (and more!) she's adding to a dish. They'll also serve up a dose of pride for all of her efforts to cook up healthful, scrumptious goodies.

For your on-the-program pal
- Whether she's stuck in a grilled chicken and steamed veg rut or is embracing multi-ethnic cuisines, celebrate your friend's new nutritional ways with this (not your grandmère's) spice rack. The design's trés moderne and the diversity of spices will have your friend smiling at the stove toute de suite.

For the dog-walker -
This is a must-have for every person who trudges out at 6 a.m. to walk the doggie and get in some sunrise exercise: A couture-inspired Swoop! It looks more like a giant, intimidating flashlight than (err) waste remover, making those walking workouts with her best friend a bit more humane. The Sleek Watch will help her easily keep track of walk/run intervals with the pooch and how fast she can lap the dog-walkers at the park. The City Sling Pack will keep her wallet, poncho and chew toys handy but her hands free for leash-wielding.

For the meditating mama - While she's getting a little om nima shivaya on, brew up a little comfort with this nifty teastick and a tea of the month subscription for delicious blends she'd never splurge on for herself. To help mama get to that centered place where toddler wailing and deadlines are tuned out, I love Soul Cards. One of my favorite gifts of all time (that I've received and given), this deck of gorgeously illustrations will provoke thought, creativity and focus on all things un-deadline.

For all gardeners, great and small - Dig deeper than cucumber seeds and tomato gates with some fun and refreshing supplies for the woman who loved her own little out of doors. If she likes the idea of gardening more than the digging itself, these Scatter Seed Kits make it easy. Just in case, maybe you should throw in a few fabulously-faux flowers to disguise any dangly dead leaves. If she's more serious than that, how about a Feng Shui Garden Design Kit for gentle souls, Flowers in a Can for concrete weeders and this cheeky, geeky tee for more playful pruners?

For the swimmer, surfer or fake baker in the bunch - Gift your favorite mermaid with all the accessories she needs for the summer. She'll feel fabulous adorning her perfect-find of a swimsuit with a Wet Bikini Bag, If she's also an earth-lover, she'll get a kick out of this mat that's not only perfect for her houseboat/cabana entry/outdoor shower that's made from tossed and recycled flip-flops. A sweet little splurgey surf skirt or aloha-inspired board shorts (with adorable matching stay-put two-piece) will inspire her to hit the waves.

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