Sunday, 1 April 2007

Fit Pregnancy: The long, strange trip

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In our Fit Pregnancy feature, blogger Jennifer Jordan speaks her mind about maintaining a healthy pregnancy. Every two weeks through March 31, 2007 she'll weigh in on exercise, diet, wellness and other health-related issues as she manages her own journey from pregnancy to motherhood.

Well, as you can see I am technically due to have my baby today. While I don't expect to actually bring him into the world this Saturday I decided to go ahead and get my post taken care of earlier in the week in case he decides the be unlike the rest of my family (God love 'em) and show up on time. So, let's just assume for the sake of argument that as of this writing I have no baby, but by the time you read it I may well be somebody's mommy.

I've officially had a few weeks to myself to prepare for the baby and his homecoming as well as take care of some personal business, which I have to admit has been really difficult for me. I am a doer, a completer of tasks. It's how I was raised and it's how I am. Without a list of things to do and the ability to check them off I feel pretty useless. The house is clean, the crib is ready, the baby clothes are washed, the whole nine yards. I think our bank account is reconciled for the month. I even managed to get tickets to the Police concert in August for what I assume will be my husband's and my official re-entry in to the social world after months of baby bliss.

So what else was left to do? How about take care of ME. That's been the hard part, and the part your gal pals try to explain to you but that you can't relate to until it happens to you too. And when I say take care of me I don't necessarily mean getting a massage or anything like that. I've had my share of indulgences during this nine months (remember the cupcake incidents?) but those have been mere detours on the road toward motherhood.

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