Sunday, 1 April 2007

Fight your "fat tooth"

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Not a sweet tooth, but a fat tooth -- do you have one or the other? I, unfortunately, have both! They seem to take turns coming out, though, as sometimes I crave sugary sweets and other times all I want is a big greasy hamburger with lots of cheese.

Scientists have found that the "fat tooth" is really an area of the tongue genetically designed specifically for recognizing fats. It seems that craving fatty foods may be a combination of both learned behavior and biological necessity -- it's well known that many good fats are necessary for a healthy system, but craving a mega-sized carton of French fries is not what your body had in mind. If you can find the right balance, probably through recipes that focus on healthy fats and not totally depriving yourself to the extreme, your "fat tooth" might be less active, and then the cravings will be easier to resist.

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