Monday, 2 April 2007

Does your freezer contain healthy foods?

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Are you a fan of the frozen meal? Millions (tens of millions) of us are these days, as we try to balance eating right and healthy with the challenges of everyday life -- raising a family, our jobs, daycares, grocery shopping -- you name it.

So what to do? Well, become familiar with the ingredients inside many frozen foods (as pre-packaged meals) and learn to pick the right ones. When I say "right ones", I mean meals without a lot of saturate fat and calories. There are brands like "Healthy Choice" and "Lean Cuisine" that have these attributes, but the preservatives and other chemicals in those brands make me stay away.

Two brands I like? Kashi and Amy's Kitchen. Kashi makes a pretty decent lineup of cold breakfast cereals, crackers and even frozen meals with no preservatives and excellent whole-grain ingredients. Amy's Kitchen makes excellent frozen meals as well that are all-organic (99% of the time) and taste great without all the scientific-sounding chemicals in many brands. These meals are more expensive, but easily worth it. Try them out if you see them and see what you think.

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