Monday, 2 April 2007

Does your fitness routine need a spring cleaning?

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Spring is a time to fling open your windows and let the fresh air clean the stale winter air from your home. The same could be said for your tired old winter fitness routine. Here's an article that will help you clean the dust bunnies from your workout and spruce it up...just in time for spring.

Here's a tip for walkers and runners: Write the date of purchase on the tongue of your shoe and keep track of your average mileage. If you run 10 miles a week, your shoes should be good for about a year, but if you log more miles than that you may need to replace them sooner. And if you really want to add some flair (and fat blasting) to your walking or running workout, consider adding in some interval training. Rather than going one speed for the whole workout, try speed walking or sprinting for 30 seconds at two minute intervals. You'll fire up your calorie burning furnace and can shorten your workout by half.

There's lots more tips if you follow the link. Even the best routine needs a little freshening up now and then to keep your body challenged and on its toes!

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