Wednesday, 4 April 2007

Depressed parents can take a toll on kids

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As Bethany wrote on earlier, a new study concluded that children who have at least one depressed parent will most likely use more health-care services. Services like visits to the emergency room and to specialists were noted, and these are considered high-cost health care services as well.

Previous research into the same situation came up with the same results, but this newer study was much larger. However, there are two studies that state the same conclusion. Depressed parents produce "unhealthy" or problem-prone kids when it comes to the amount of health care needed, right? Perhaps.

It's been estimated that 47% parents may suffer depression. that, in turn, can affect child behavioral, developmental, psychological and physiologic health in an adverse way. The study found that teenagers of depressed parents had fewer well-child-care visits but more visits to emergency rooms and specialty clinics.

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