Monday, 2 April 2007

Black tea: Once you go black, you never go back!

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Between green, black and white it is no secret that tea and all of its variations have a wealth of health benefits. If you keep in the know then you're probably already aware that the subject goes far beyond the quintessential green variety. Black, for instance, can help us recover from stress faster.

But did you know it holds a more distinct flavor that can range from sweet and spicy to even chocolaty? This fully fermented style of tea is in a league of its own and is definitely worth a closer look. A fifteen year study conducted in the Netherlands found that black tea reduces bad cholesterol thus lowering the chances of having a stroke. The cardio benefits don't end there. Boston's medical school concluded that drinkers of this leaf had a lower risk of heart attack due to the reversing of abnormal functioning in the blood vessels. Who knew!

Black tea is shaping up to be a contender with its green cousin, especially if you enjoy a robust and full-bodied brew. Check it out and learn more if you think this addition to your diet is worth the research.

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