Monday, 9 April 2007

Beauty salons the new evening hot spot?

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It's a Saturday night and I just want to go out and relax, listen to to some music, and have a drink or two -- see you at Yep, the latest rage in beauty treatments and relaxation seems to be for spa and beauty salons to stay open late into the night, serve drinks, and play music you'd probably expect more in a club setting.

The salons that have joined this craze say it makes for a nice social mix of young "up and comings" getting dolled up before heading out on the town and the older more mature crowd that's winding down for evening. It's not only less crowded at that time, but the atmosphere caters to mingling and meeting people -- beauty salons are becoming the new social hot spots.

Yes, sexy lawyer, come over and talk to me while I sit with foil in my hair under a large dryer that looks like a space helmet. Perfect.

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