Wednesday, 4 April 2007

Ask Fitz! Your Fitness Questions Answered

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Have fitness questions? Fitz has your answer. Our fitness expert -- and now your own virtual personal trainer -- will help you get fit, increase your overall health and do it in a fun way. Drop your questions here in the Comments section below and we'll choose two per week to publish on That's Fit! Learn more about Fitz here.

Q. How much does age play a factor in fitness? I understand that the older I get, the harder I may have to work to keep my figure. But is it possible to have the body of my 20s again, without working out being my career! Janice.

A. Hola chica, great question! There are a few factors that change you body as you age, but I see no reason you couldn't have an even better body than you had in your 20s. For the most part, you are what you are, and your structure only varies slightly over the years. . Hips may widen during pregnancy, but for some girls that may be a lovely thing! Skin may change do your environmental choices and elasticity loss, but your body is what it is.

If you're looking to be thinner, you'll always have the ability to burn more calories and consume less. If you're looking to be more curvy or strong, you can always strength train. Stretching is a great option for creating super posture. I love my job as a fitness trainer, because as I tell my clients, "short of crushing bones...there's nothing we can't accomplish". You too, can create your best body once again. Working out does not have to be your life, but if you want to look great it has to be a priority. Let me know how it goes! Fitz

Q. Dear Fitz. I can't afford to buy a treadmill or even a weight set to get in shape at home. Can I use stuff around the house as a substitute? Not a lot of cash but a lot of commitment. Dave

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