Tuesday, 17 April 2007

Are you a leafy green eater?

Are you a fan of kale, chard and spinach? Maybe not, since those are leafy greens that send some folks scurrying away fast. Although raw (and cooked) vegetables are not that palatable to many people, the vitamins and minerals many of them have should be a powerful motivator to eat them.

A secret of mine is spices -- I use spices like majoram, bay leaves, sage, garlic and pepper on so many things it would make even my head spin. The reason? The lack of "taste" is a common reason why good foods are not eaten as much as nutritionally-dead foods are eaten.

A history of processed food tastes is hard to overcome, but getting vegetables right with spices and taste (while adding hardly any calories) can be a great method for eating those "bland" leafy greens. Try it and see what you think. Fresh garlic is a taste that I'd rather have than a quarter-pound cheeseburger any day -- but it didn't happen overnight.

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