Saturday, 10 March 2007

How to prepare for Daylight Savings Time

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Before I had kids, Daylight Savings Time meant one less hour to sleep on a Saturday night, but plenty of sleep-in time on Sunday morning to make up for it. It really only took me about 24 hours to adjust to the change. But then I had children...children with routines and schedules, children who are used to eating lunch at noon, napping at one, and being in bed by eight, and who do all of those things without the use of a clock. Now it takes us about 3-5 days to really get settled back in.

Children, as well as those suffering from sl eep issues, often take a little longer to adjust to Daylight Savings Time, so if you struggle with adjusting to the time change, here are a few tips to help you through. Try to expose yourself to as much sunlight as possible in the morning to reset your internal clock, avoid using caffeine and naps so that you can fall asleep in the evening, or even try adjusting your daily routine by about 15 minutes a day during the days leading up to DST.

One perk for me? My kids wake like clockwork at 7 AM, so for a few short days they'll be waking up at 8 (and then they'll adjust and be back to their early morning shenanigans). And if your state doesn't participate, then you won't be one of the millions of people stumbling around Sunday morning trying to figure out if they've changed all their clocks correctly!

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